Getting a valid Will in place is essential, and is now easy with our Fixed Fee Wills.

Few of us like to consider our own deaths, but we are often concerned about what will happen once we are gone to those we love. However, Will Aid calculates that there are over 27,000,000 adults living in the UK who have never written a will.  25% of those who do have a will say it doesn’t reflect their current wishes.  Astonishingly, 58% of those with a will do not know where to find it! Of course, if you don’t leave a will, intestacy laws determine how your estate is passed on, which may not reflect what you would like.

We’re passionate about Wills.  Such a simple document can save lots of anger, trauma and money for your loved ones after you’ve gone.  There are so many misconceptions about inheritance, and intestacy rules in particular, which we try to combat on our free home visits.

We offer Fixed Pricing on Wills and LPA’s. You can find our current price list here.

And it’s not just about money.  If you have children or other dependents, you really should consider a will.  In your will, you are able to appoint ‘Guardians’ who will be responsible for your children in the event of their death.  You can also make provision for the costs involved in raising them.

What happens if you don’t make a will?

Dying without a will is called ‘Intestacy’ and there are a set of laws which determine what happens to your estate.  This can mean that your assets, property and possessions end up going to someone you never intended would inherit from you. More importantly, it may also mean that your loved ones end up with nothing.

For example, if you die intestate and you have children with an unmarried partner, your partner could be overlooked, with the children inheriting everything immediately.  Most people we work with would like their children to be their ultimate beneficiaries, but also wish to protect their partner’s interests.  Just because a loving couple have never married should not automatically exclude them from your estate.

Equally, if you are separated at the time of your death, your ex-partner could end up being the sole beneficiary – to the exclusion of your children.

Ultimately, if you have no close living relatives at the time of your death, you may end up in the situation where your estate passes in full to the government.  The government have helpfully produced a calculator which shows exactly what would happen if you died intestate. You can find it here.

The solution is very simple.  A will can deal with all sorts of situations, and protect those who you would like to benefit when the time comes.  You can book a free consultation with one of our advisors, who will visit you in your own home, under no obligation.  We’re passionate about Estate Planning and are happy to talk through your options. Call us on 01134360350 to book a chat.

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