Will Writing is the basic building block of all Estate Planning. Writing a Will (or a Last Will and Testament) is one of the most important legal documents most of us ever draw up. But a staggering 70% of under-70’s haven’t got around to it yet!

Why make a Will?

A Will tells your loved ones exactly what your wishes are. What you want to happen with your money and other assets. Who you would like to appoint as Guardians to look after any minor children, and who the person is that you wish to appoint as Executor to ensure your wishes are carried out.

You can also record any funeral wishes, including whether you wish to be cremated or buried, where, if you want a church service, etc. To put this in writing can serve as a reminder to your spouse in particular, of a conversation you may have had many years previously. Indeed, you may not have ever had that discussion as a family. Having funeral wishes recorded in your Will also takes that pressure off your spouse or children.

Isn’t it complicated to write a Will?

Most clients find the process of giving instructions for a Will to be fairly painless. Our professional will writers are experienced in having a natural conversation with clients, and obtaining all the necessary information required to ensure that they make a Will that is legally correct and valid. An appoint to instruct your Will usually takes 30-45 minutes. Of course, all circumstances are different, and some clients may need a slightly longer appointment, or indeed a further appointment. We are flexible. Writing a Will should be an experience that gives the client peace of mind.

  • What do I need to write a Will?

When should you write a Will?

We believe all adults should have a Will. Too often in Estate Planning, we see the effects of a lack of planning. Where family members have to go through a court process to apply for Letters of Administration it’s a real shame, and something which can be easily solved by simply having a Will.

Certainly, if you fall into any of the following, you should definitely have a Will;

  • Seperated
  • Have children under 18
  • Have an unmarried partner

How much are Wills?

Of course every situation is different, and different types of Will have different prices.

But, our Simple Wills are £150 for one person, or £250 for a couple. If you are married, in a Civil Partnership, or cohabiting, we always recommend both parties have Wills.

Wherever possible we work on a fixed fee basis.

We also offer a Free Will Review service. Whether or not we wrote your Will in the first place, we are happy to take a look and compare it to your instructions. If everything is fine, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your affairs are in order. If changes are required, you will be able to take advantage of our Fixed Fees for your amendments.