What happens to my Will when I get married?

Unfortunately a will invalidates a marriage
What happens to my Will when I get married?

First of all, congratulations!
Well done for writing a Will! If you wrote your Will before marriage, the bad news I’m afraid is that unless your Will was written with your impending marriage in mind, which is known as a “Contemplation of Marriage” clause, it will become invalid the moment you utter, “I do”.

As a result, many people have left sorting out their affairs until after (sometimes WAY after) the wedding, and honeymoon.

Now, on my honeymoon, we were fairly boring (Don’t tell I said that!).  We did a lot of sightseeing – Pisa, Florence, Perugia etc., but the most dangerous thing we did was negotiating our hired Nissan Micra onto the Autostrada A1.  Actually, thinking back that WAS pretty dangerous.  Anyway, a lot of newlyweds these days take in a few more interesting, and potentially dangerous activities on their holidays, honeymoon or not.  All I’ll say is, because unusually for me I don’t want to talk about death, it’s probably a good idea to sort your new Wills before you marry!

Here at Thoughtful Planning, we can help.  Book a Free Consultation here or contact us any other way and mention that you are wanting to write a Will in contemplation of marriage. We are always happy to chat on the phone before coming out to see you, and all our services have Fixed Pricing.

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